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Utah County, UT Records Marriage Licenses on the Ethereum Blockchain

May 28, 2020


Utah County, UT Records Marriage Licenses on the Ethereum Blockchain

A prominent county in one of the mountain states now offers certified copies of Marriage Licenses/Certificates via the Ethereum blockchain. Utah County has partnered with a Northern Nevada blockchain company, Titan Seal to provide digitally certified copies of marriage licenses/certificates, according to their website.

A person requesting a digital certified copy of their marriage license will receive it as a PDF via email. Titan Seal digitally seals the PDF with a cryptographic function on the Ethereum blockchain before sending.

According to their website, Titan Seal “puts government records in the Blockchain.” They explain the benefits of doing this on their website, including offering personal protection against someone claiming you forged documents. “Titan Seals, on the other hand, are stored on the Blockchain. Once added, records on the Blockchain can never be deleted or changed. Titan Seal ensures trust between the government and the public.”

Titan Seal also explains on their website that paper seals can be forged but Titan Seals cannot. The authenticity of these digitally certified documents can be confirmed easily by comparing the hash the document generates with the hash of the memo field of the corresponding blockchain transaction.

The Office of the Utah County Clerk/Auditor is not the only local government that has partnered with Titan Seal. Other government agencies that use Titan Seal include the Recorder’s Offices in both Clark County and Washoe County. Still, local government adoption of blockchain technologies has been slow and scattered. Nevada certainly has a cluster of local governments using blockchain technology to certify records, but they are not leading the way in all areas. Last year, Vermont was the first state to record a real estate transaction on the blockchain.

The cost of digitally certified records appears similarly priced to paper-equivalent services. Applicants in Utah County can verify their identity and complete their marriage license applications online. The $40.00 Utah County Marriage License Fee includes two certified copies: one paper copy and one digital copy. Online payments options include debit or credit card with one notable absence: ability to pay in ETH!