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Camp Alien Love Nest Creates Virtual Crypto Token to Gift at Virtual Burning Man Metaverse Experience

September 3, 2020


Camp Alien Love Nest Creates Virtual Crypto Token to Gift at Virtual Burning Man Metaverse Experience

Monday, August 31st marked the start of Burning Man 2020.  However, this year, the Burn will be different.  Because of COVID-19, instead of building a temporary city in the middle of the desert, Burners have created their own version of Black Rock City in virtual reality.  Burners wishing to participate in the virtual experience can go to  In addition, Camp Alien Love Nest, traditionally known for gifting clay pendants or tokens on the playa, will be working with the Blockchain Center to create virtual crypto collectible tokens this year.  These crypto collectable tokens will be distributed to Metaburn participants.  To request your token, submit your email address here:

While this token is simply a collectible for now, in the future it may be used for special access to events or other benefits.

The Burning Man tradition of the pendants started in 1993 by Geoff McCabe Co-founder & CEO of the Divi Project, but known also by his burner name, “Fusion”. His camp, Alien Love Nest, would give them out as gifts to individuals for contributing to Burning Man through their participation. Participants would get the pendent for contributions like exceptional art cars, performances, funny jokes, or impressive art installations. The pendants quickly became one of the most sought after gifts on the Playa. In order to create these pendants, Geoff built a factory in China where they used the millefiore technique to make them. This technique, used for forming glass or ceramic, is thousands of years old. The result looks similar to a sushi roll. Geoff was one of the first in the U.S. to help create the art form, and also one of the first to do it commercially, using his factory in China.

“It’s been incredibly exciting to participate in this. I designed or oversaw the original ALN pendants from 1998 on, so to be able to design the first digital version was a great honor.” – Geoff “Fusion” McCabe

To learn how to be part of recognized universe of the burning man multiverse go to